K2 Investment Partners LLC specializes in growth-stage venture capital investment in Korea,
delivering risk-adjusted returns to investors.

Since its establishment, K2 Investment has been dedicated to providing diversified and niche portfolios to investors and developing long-term relationships with investors and portfolio companies. We offer skills and experience that differentiate K2 Investment from other investment institutions. Our sophisticated analysis and superior deal sourcing network offer maximum risk-adjusted returns to our investors. Today, we are strenuously investing in diversified industries including electronics, software, chemicals, biotechnology, and medical devices.

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We anticipated this fast-growing market to trigger the emergence of secondaries market, and established K2 Investment Partners LLC in July 2011 with the vision of becoming a leading innovator in the sector. With the experience and expertise that our team accumulated as a pioneer in the secondaries sector, we have balanced our portfolios over diverse stages and industries to provide maximum value to our investors.

Dec. 2021
Eighth Fund Launched

(K2 Expedio Fund II, KRW 99.5 billion)

Oct. 2021
Third Fund Liquidated
June. 2021
Seventh Fund Launched

(K2-KIS 2021 Secondary Fund, KRW 19.5 billion)

Feb. 2021
Fourth Fund Liquidated
Dec. 2019
Sixth Fund Launched

(K2 Expedio Fund, KRW 135.8 billion)

Feb. 2018
Fifth Fund Launched

(K2 Reperio Fund, KRW 68.4 billion)

Dec. 2017
Fourth Fund Launched

(Shinhan-K2 Global Material Fund, KRW 4.1 billion)

May. 2017
First fund liquidated
Feb. 2017
Second fund liquidated
Oct. 2014
Third fund launched

(K2 Liquidity Solution Fund, KRW 83.0 billion)

Jul. 2013
Second fund launched

(KDBC-K2 Biostar Fund, KRW 8.6 billion)

May. 2012
First fund launched

(Shinhan-K2 Secondary Fund, KRW 46.5 billion)

Jul. 2011
Established K2 Investment Partners LLC