K2 Investment is committed to enhancing the value of our portfolio companies and maximizing risk-adjusted returns to investors.

We believe that a concrete framework of our investment is essential in achieving these objectives.
The following is our investment philosophy which we espouse for optimum investment results:

Long-term relationships

• Long-term relationships with our investors, portfolio companies, and GPs based on sincerity and trust
• Alignment of interests with our investors

Pioneering investment

• Initiatory investment
• Creative and flexible investment approach
• Innovative financing structure

Fundamental growth

• Creating return based on the fundamental growth of our portfolio companies
• Team-based value-up activity
• Long-term perspective

High selectivity

• Identification of advanced technologies
and emerging industries

• Objective and responsible assessment
of investment opportunities

Cooperative and encouraging culture

• Belief that “it is the people who make our firm”
• Active and broad communication
• Encouraging and cooperative atmosphere


K2 Investment leverages research-intensive analysis and long-term relationships with industry experts to derive optimum investment decision and investment strategies.

With the extensive experience and network that we have accumulated, we are striving to enhance our reputation as a preferred investor in Korean venture capital market. Furthermore, we have established a diversified network comprising of top-tier general partners, which helps our investment and exit. Our competitive advantages include:


Expertise and experience in venture capital market


Extensive deal sourcing network


Team with profound knowledge in diverse industries


Effective liquidity solutions


Risk-adjusted return


Quick and efficient decision-making process


Direct involvement of Partners in every stage of investment process